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My First Video Production

I'm sorry that I haven't written here in such a long time. The last couple weeks were filled with so many experiences and tasks and I was struggling to find inspiration to write. But here in Nairobi everything and everyone is fine.

There is a lot to report from the last weeks. But today I want to start by telling you about a little side project. Diane's neice Debbi and her husband Aram are heading the Eastern Mennonite Missions in East Africa and amongst other things they are running a beautiful Mennonite guest house in the middle of Nairobi.


A few weeks ago they asked me if I could produce a video for them which would give their partner ministries in the US a more personal insight into their work than the usual monthly newsletter. Even though I had never really tried to take any videos with my camera, let alone cut and compose a whole clip, I welcomed the challenge. So I visited Debbi and Aram. I searched for fitting locations to shoot in the guest house. Then I waited for the golden hour and started shooting my first videos. The next afternoon I learned how easy it was to cut and edit videos with iMovie. But I also had to discover that the extent to which you could edit videos was much limited compared to what I was used to for photographs if you don't have a very high end video camera which can shoot in RAW. But the results were decent enough.

I decided to shoot a couple more videos in town to give the viewers a little Nairobi feeling - have a look at the photos below. Additionally we added a short scene from an incredibly cheesy DVD with videos of the Eastleigh Mennonite Choir in the middle to loosen up all the talking a bit. The result was pretty satisfactory and served its purpose very well - the congregations which it was made for liked it and it even got over 150 views on YouTube.

downtown Sundown in Uhuru
Park View of
Nairobi at

So have a look at the fruits of my first experimentations with video production. I hope you have fun watching; the production was certainly fun and I learned a lot. I think this will not be the last video I produce and I see an external microphone in my future.

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