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As a Tourist 2:
Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara

I am finally finding some time to write about the second half of my week exploring Kenya as a tourist with David. After Climbing Mount Kenya, we did what all tourists do in Africa and went on safari (which just means journey in Swahili by the way, but I mean watching wild animals of course). We had the opportunity to pay a three day visit to Maasai Mara which probably is the second most renown Safari park in the world after Serengeti. The density and diversity of animals we got to see was amazing.

We were traveling together with two US-Americans, Brenda and Theresa, from Seattle and Seoul (see the photo) and had a very funny and very experienced driver named Mwau. The days were filled with driving around in the safari van looking for animals, stopping and watching and taking photos with my tele-lens.

Our Safari Group

Because apart from seing animals nothing exciting is happening on a safari, I'd rather show you some pictures than make many words. To give you an idea of the diversity of animals, that we saw I'll give you a list of all the animals I remember seing: countless Zebras and Wilderbeests, many Buffalos, Giraffs, Elands, Impalas, Hartebeest, Tsessebes, Thomson's gazelles and some Dikdiks, Warthogs, Yellow baboons, Elephants, Hippos and Nile crocodiles and of course also many different types of birds like Ostriches, Secretarybirds, Vultures, Marabou and Saddle-billed Storks, Egyptian Goose, Ibises and Lilac-breasted Rollers.

Giraffe Zebra Impala Eland Antelope Wildebeest Waterbuffalo Elephant

Apart from those animals of course we also saw some cats. Maasai Mara is especially famous for it's Lions. Arround 300 of those live there, the densest population in the world. So no day went by without seeing Lions, by we also saw Servales, Spotted hyenas, a Cheetah, and some Leopards.

The Lion Cheetah Leopard

But the real magic of course lies in the seeing all these animals living in their natural habitat, where they are so much more active than in a zoo: We saw the migration of immense Wilderbeest and Zebra herds towards the Mara river, the Hippos lazily lying in the water, the vultures in the trees waiting for a Wilderbeest to be killed by a Crocodile when trying to cross the river, the the ritual fight of the Giraffe bulls where they smash their necks against each other and Lions sleeping in the sun, eating and the cubs playing with their mother and learning how to hunt.

It was a marvelous journey into the Lion kingdom and it was extremely impressive to see how diverse and ingenious the mostly untouched realm of nature is. If you want to see more photos, you can go here.

Wilderbeests Walking Hippos bathing Vultures Waiting Giraffes Fighting Lions Hunting

There was one more animal we saw in large herds in the park and which was the weirdest of them all. They call it the photographer and you can say a very peculiar example of this species in this last picture.

The Photographer

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