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Arrival in Kenya

Yesterday I arrived in Nairobi and it is beautiful here, but let's start from the beginning.

Picture of the Airplane

My plane left Berlin Tuesday evening and I had four seats for myself, because it was so empty. I have never had that much space flying. After a transfer at the very international airport of Abu Dhabi I landed in Nairobi in the early afternoon. During the flight I read an interesting book called "Aka, what would you do if your mother-in-law suddenly showed up?". The book consists of stories of failures in development projects in West Africa and how important it is to not just play them down, but to learn from what has gone wrong and share it with others, so they can learn from it as well.

Picture of my name sign

At Jomo Kenyatta International Airport everything went very smooth. I had my visa stamped, picked up my luggage and passed customs in no time. When I got out a Kenyan guy named David was waiting for me with a sign which had my name "Tobias" on it. After we had confirmed that I was from Germany and he told me he saw a picture of mine in a suit online we went to the car and drove out of the airport. We were talking about Germany and the flight and Kenya and had a great conversation. Slowly some things didn't quite fit. He thought I would work in an orphanage and just be their for a month, but all that could have just been explained with a little mixup, after all he was just a driver picking me up. Until someone called him not just someone but Tobias, who was waiting at the airport to be picked up. It turned out, that there was another Tobias from Germany arriving on the same flight who was also doing a voluntary service, but in an orphanage and just for one month. After we found out we had to laugh a lot and we made some calls and drove back to the airport, where we found the other Tobias who had already found my pick up - Sarah from the US with a nice colorful sign painted by her children which you can see in the picture above. So Tobiasses were exchanged and everyone laughed and I drove off with Sarah and her husband Dan towards the house of the Omondis - my partners here in Kenya.

Picture of the Albitz family

Sarah and Dan are missionaries who just arrived from the US with their three cute children Gloria, Noah and Andrew. They will be living in Kisumu but still have some errands to take care of in Nairobi and are staying here in the guest house of the Omondis. You can find out more about what they are doing on their website. The house is very beautiful and has a huge garden, where the children are running around playing and exploring. It is very lively and I have spend the day doing some schoolwork with the children, writing mails and meeting everyone here. We get a great breakfast and two really delicious and fresh warm meals cooked for us each day and everything just feels like vacation right now.

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